Announcing AR Builder

It’s with great excitement that I can announce the arrival of my newest venture - AR Builder. AR Builder is the flagship product of my startup company Griffin Mobile Technologies Ltd. The service aims to bring the exciting new technology of augmented reality to the masses. I see great potential in AR - to me its the logical culmination of a series of technological advancements that have been made over the past couple of decades. From the evolution of the personal computer, to the laptop, to smart phones and tablets, right through to wearables such as smart watches and Google Glass. The apparent trend being the increasing integration of technology with people and the world around them. The eventual potential I think will be comparable to the world wide web in its current incarnation.

One of the main challenges with AR Builder (other than most people still not knowing what AR is!) has been distilling the complex subject matter into a service that can be easily consumed by by a variety of user’s of varying technical backgrounds. The goal of mastering this challenge I think has been well achieved. Being able to Draw on my technical and consulting background with TBA Digital has definitely been a great help. Over the years, distilling similarly complex subject matter for fortune 500 pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance companies, and the ilk, has become somewhat commonplace. Special thanks also must go to my wonderfully talented colleagues and company shareholders; Matt (Hanns) Scrhoeter, and Katherine (Kathy) & Barry Corden; for helping me realize this goal.

AR Builder.
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